About Me

I’m a brand new transplant to a small, artsy college town in Southern Oregon where I live with one rotund cat and an old dog. When I’m not working as a psychotherapist, I write and speak about living authentically and healing in the midst of crisis, transition, and grief.

And throughout this current pandemical year of shared trauma and loss, I’ve been trying to remember one of the most life-giving lessons of my own personal trauma marathon. I learned that If I keep my eyes open for the beauty existing right alongside the pain, I just might find God there. I hope if you take a look at some of the pieces I’ve posted here, you might find glimpses of him as well.

Carrie is a Wedgewood Circle Artist and member of The Redbud Writers Guild. You can find her writing published in Patheos, The Redbud Post, and The Mudroom.