My Story

With one phone call, my identity as wife, mother, and working professional fell away, and I found myself plunged into the surreal roles of search coordinator and suddenly single mother.

Over one hundred volunteers joined the search effort, which spread over the next year and a half.  We carried out twenty-one expeditions to Northern California’s remote Trinity Alps as we worked to find out what happened to my husband on that lazy summer day.  Along the way, we encountered punishing topography, dangerous wildlife, and periods of despair. But we also experienced shining moments when faith and joy provided stunning contrasts to great pain. And now, because of the sacrifice and generosity of all of our supporters, we can now say this marathon process was successful: the mystery has been solved.

I don’t know about you, but I seem to learn the most about myself and life in times of crisis.  This season was packed with every extreme imaginable.  So I’m sharing my journey and what I have learned about life, faith, and love, in hopes that it might help you in yours.


As of this date, April 2021, I’ve been writing for quite awhile. What began as daily updates for those of you supporting our search efforts has transitioned into a collection of blog posts on grief, widowhood, courage, single parenting, and community. The threads running through most of these posts are themes of loss and healing, the irrational love of God, and learning to seek out grace and beauty when our world turns upside down.


 I am busy writing a memoir with the working title, Love, Loss & Limbo: The Quest to Find my Husband, Missing in the Wilderness.

If you would like to see an overview of our story,  you can read either of the news articles below.  Just click on the links to view.

We are no longer fundraising. So thank you for your support and prayers, but please don’t leave a donation.