Sweet Service



The three-year-old girl in sparkly shoes and a white, satin dress had a mission: to scatter rose petals all the way up the aisle, preparing the way for the bride. She carried herself with grace and dignity, putting her all into what she knew was a very important role.

The afternoon sun shone through stained glass windows, infusing the room with gold and warm pastels. And though she was surrounded by ornate vaulted ceilings, twelve beautifully dressed and coiffed bridesmaids and groomsmen (yes, guys, you were beautiful too!), there was nothing more pure and lovely than this flower girl’s sweet service.

She seemed oblivious to her audience as she reached her hand in to select the next petals and carefully release them, pleased to watch each one drift down and settle on the burgundy carpet, adding it’s particular hue and texture to the growing petal mosaic at her feet. Some of the adults started to fidget a bit, possibly wondering if this was taking too long and feeling anxious to get to the main event.

That’s just what we do, isn’t it? We get so focused on the “next thing” that we miss the beauty and mystery of what’s in front of us right now. But this flower girl is still young enough to naturally become fully absorbed in the present moment, with no thought of what comes next.

In fact, she was so focused on her task, she didn’t stop when she reached the front of the church. Instead, she continued to scatter her petals–carefully, reverently–until she was sure she had dispersed every single one, finally turning her basket over and shaking it just to be sure it was empty. Then, with a slow, tiny smile, she took her seat, clearly satisfied with her work.

Thank you, little flower girl, for reminding us to savor the beauty of the moment.