There is nothing more tender or vulnerable than that moment when a butterfly emerges from her chrysalis. We can’t help but see her with an overlay of the future: the lovely, colorful, graceful creature we know she will become. But in transition, life is all struggle for this delicate beauty. We never know exactly what has occurred behind the protective walls of her temporary “changing room.” But one thing is for sure. Transformation has been in the works.

I can so relate to these changelings. They never chose to leave their familiar, simple lives behind, and yet…they have. And now they step forward into a new world.

These days I can feel people look at me with hope, can hear their words of reassurance about the future. And I believe them. I do believe that a transformation has been in the works in my life, thanks to the love of a good God and the friends and family who continue to share that love with me.

As we witness the effort this young butterfly expends to pull her body out of the chrysalis, we can see the struggle clearly takes its toll on her. There she is, attempting to stand on her brand new, spindly legs–trying to balance, now that she must walk on these stilts instead of skimming smoothly along the ground on her belly. The world must look and feel so bizarre from this new height. And what of these massive objects strapped to her back, following her every move?!

She could just gasp and give up, overcome with fear and effort. But she doesn’t. Instead, she rests, gives her wings plenty of time to slowly expand and dry, then takes flight. Ahhh! She’s my new hero–such a perfect example to follow as I try out my  own brand new set of shaky legs and dewy wings. I can only hope my flight will be half as elegant as hers.