3.30.16 Technicolor

Red and yellow tulips isolated on white background

When I was a little girl growing up in the 60’s, there was something very new and exciting on the horizon.  They were expensive, so for quite a few years we had to go without.

But the night Mom brought home a COLOR TV, we felt like we had arrived!

We were fully acclimated to seeing the world in black and white, and it was fine (but only “fine”).  But when  she switched the shiny new TV on, and all of those bright reds, blues, yellows and greens practically popped off the screen, the effect was mesmerizing.  Wow!  Who would have imagined?!!

Well, the past year and a half has felt like I’ve been trapped inside an old black and white Motorola.  My senses have felt dulled and muted pretty much across the board.

But today, driving the highway between Marin and Sonoma Counties, I noticed the strangest thing: If I didn’t know better, I would swear someone chose a new, more vibrant green for the rolling hills, perkier yellows and crisper whites for the wildflowers that lined the highway. TECHNICOLOR!!!

My senses seem to be coming back “on line”: shedding the flattened colors of grief and opening themselves up to the vibrancy of life.  I take this as a good sign–a very good sign: one more sweet layer of healing at work.  Thank you, God.  Those signposts are like gold to me.

Here’s hoping you get some Technicolor in your day!


Carrie Morris