The door is opening, and I can’t see yet what is on the other side.

There is a hand at my back–gently, but firmly, urging me to walk through.

My legs want to clench. My feet are grounding down, preparing to resist. But my heart and spirit are already half-way across the threshold, compelling my feet to follow.

In some ways, I know this place: going away to college…getting married just shy of twenty…moving away from family so Steve could go to seminary….flying to Texas to adopt Ellie.

Each time a sense of adventure and fear. Hope partnering with resistance and a pull toward sticking with the familiar. Push, pull. Push, pull.

Each of these doors–though full of challenge–saw joy and growth on the other side.

There is a big difference, though, this time: I didn’t choose to walk up to this door, didn’t choose the circumstances. Far from it.

I don’t actually have a choice but to go ahead and step across this threshold into the New Year. But I can choose this: I can pray for the gifts of trust and hope. Trust that the hands that have led me to this huge, imposing door will stay right with me and my little family as we navigate the challenges of this unfamiliar land. Hope that he has something more rich, healing & rewarding than we could have ever imagined on the other side.

So this is my prayer for you too: that whether you have chosen your path or not, trust and hope will go with you.

Happy New Year

Carrie Morris