My name is Carrie Morris, and in August of 2014 my husband, Steve, went missing from a day hike with a friend to a beautiful mountain peak in California.  Over 100 volunteers joined the search effort, which spread over the next year and a half.  We carried out twenty-one expeditions to the remote Trinity Alps as we worked to uncover the mystery of what happened to Steve on that beautiful August day.  In the end, after encounters with punishing topography, amazing community, dangerous wildlife, complex challenges to our faith, periods of despair, and those shining moments when faith and joy provide such a stunning contrast to great pain, we can now say that this marathon process was successful: the mystery has been solved.

I don’t know about you, but I seem to learn the most about myself and life in times of crisis.  The past year and a half have been full of drama, suspense, blessing, and pain.  So I’m sharing my journey and what I have learned about life, faith, and love, in hopes that it might help you in yours.


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If you would like to see an overview of where we stand now (March 2016),  you can read either of the news articles below.  Just click on the links to view.


http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Wife-finally-learns-the-fate-of-her-missing-6969151.php#photo-9669014  We are no longer fundraising, so please don’t leave a donation.